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Make Haste to Help Me O Lord

Psalm 50:15

Psalm 70

Make haste, O God, to deliver me; make haste to help me, O Lord!

Let them be put to shame and confounded that seek and demand my life; let them be turned backward and brought to confusion and dishonor who desire and delight in my hurt.  Let them be turned back and appalled because of their shame and disgrace who say, Aha, aha!

May all those who seek, inquire of and for You, and require You [as their vital need] rejoice and be glad in You; and may those who love Your salvation say continually, Let God be magnified!

But I am poor and needy; hasten to me, O God! You are my Help and my Deliverer; O Lord, do not tarry!


Psalm 71

In You, O Lord, do I put my trust and confidently take refuge; let me never be put to shame or confusion!

Deliver me in Your righteousness and cause me to escape; bow down Your ear to me and save me!   Be to me a rock of refuge in which to dwell, and a sheltering stronghold to which I may continually resort, which You have appointed to save me, for You are my Rock and my Fortress.

Rescue me, O my God, out of the hand of the wicked, out of the grasp of the unrighteous and ruthless man.   For You are my hope; O Lord God, You are my trust from my youth and the source of my confidence.  Upon You have I leaned and relied from birth; You are He Who took me from my mother’s womb and You have been my benefactor from that day.  My praise is continually of You.

I am as a wonder and surprise to many, but You are my strong refuge. My mouth shall be filled with Your praise and with Your honor all the day. Cast me not off nor send me away in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength is spent and my powers fail.

For my enemies talk against me; those who watch for my life consult together, Saying, God has forsaken him; pursue and persecute and take him, for there is none to deliver him.

O God, be not far from me! O my God, make haste to help me!

Let them be put to shame and consumed who are adversaries to my life; let them be covered with reproach, scorn, and dishonor who seek and require my hurt.

But I will hope continually, and will praise You yet more and more. My mouth shall tell of Your righteous acts and of Your deeds of salvation all the day, for their number is more than I know. I will come in the strength and with the mighty acts of the Lord God; I will mention and praise Your righteousness, even Yours alone.

O God, You have taught me from my youth, and hitherto have I declared Your wondrous works. Yes, even when I am old and gray-headed, O God, forsake me not, [but keep me alive] until I have declared Your mighty strength to [this] generation, and Your might and power to all that are to come.

Your righteousness also, O God, is very high [reaching to the heavens], You Who have done great things; O God, who is like You, or who is Your equal?   You Who have shown us [all] troubles great and sore will quicken us again and will bring us up again from the depths of the earth.

Increase my greatness (my honor) and turn and comfort me.   I will also praise You with the harp, even Your truth and faithfulness, O my God; unto You will I sing praises with the lyre, O Holy One of Israel. My lips shall shout for joy when I sing praises to You, and my inner being, which You have redeemed.   My tongue also shall talk of Your righteousness all the day long; for they are put to shame, for they are confounded, who seek and demand my hurt.

 Psalm 69:32-34

Psalm 73

God is indeed good to Israel, to the pure in heart.

But as for me, my feet almost slipped; my steps nearly went astray.
For I envied the arrogant; I saw the prosperity of the wicked.

They have an easy time until they die, and their bodies are well fed.
They are not in trouble like others; they are not afflicted like most people.

Therefore, pride is their necklace, and violence covers them like a garment.
Their eyes bulge out from fatness; the imaginations of their hearts run wild.

They mock, and they speak maliciously; they arrogantly threaten oppression.  They set their mouths against heaven, and their tongues strut across the earth. Therefore His people turn to them and drink in their overflowing words.

The wicked say, “How can God know? Does the Most High know everything?”

Look at them—the wicked! They are always at ease, and they increase their wealth.

Did I purify my heart and wash my hands in innocence for nothing?  For I am afflicted all day long and punished every morning.

If I had decided to say these things aloud, I would have betrayed Your people.
When I tried to understand all this, it seemed hopeless until I entered God’s sanctuary.
Then I understood their destiny.

Indeed, You put them in slippery places; You make them fall into ruin.
How suddenly they become a desolation! They come to an end, swept away by terrors.

Like one waking from a dream, Lord, when arising, You will despise their image.

When I became embittered and my innermost being was wounded, I was stupid and didn’t understand;
I was an unthinking animal toward You. Yet I am always with You; You hold my right hand.

You guide me with Your counsel, and afterward You will take me up in glory.

Who do I have in heaven but You? And I desire nothing on earth but You.

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart, my portion forever.  Those far from You will certainly perish; You destroy all who are unfaithful to You.  But as for me, God’s presence is my good. I have made the Lord God my refuge, so I can tell about all You do.

Psalm 50:15    Call on Me in a day of trouble;  I will rescue you, and you will honor Me.

Psalm 55:16    As for me, I will call upon God, and the Lord will save me.

 Psalm 55:22    Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you;  He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.

Psalm 56:3-4    When I am afraid, I will trust in You. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not fear. What can man do to me?

Psalm 56:9-11    This I know: God is for me. In God, whose word I praise, in the Lord, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not fear. What can man do to me?

Psalm 59:16-17    But I will sing of Your strength and will joyfully proclaim Your faithful love in the morning.   For You have been a stronghold for me, a refuge in my day of trouble. To You, my strength, I sing praises, because God is my stronghold— my faithful God.

Psalm 60:5    Save with Your right hand, and answer me, so that those You love may be rescued.

Psalm 60:11-12    Give us aid against the foe, for human help is worthless. With God we will perform valiantly;  He will trample our foes.

Psalm 61:1-4    God, hear my cry; pay attention to my prayer. I call to You from the ends of the earth when my heart is without strength. Lead me to a rock that is high above me, for You have been a refuge for me, a strong tower in the face of the enemy.  I will live in Your tent forever  and take refuge under the shelter of Your wings.

Trust in God Alone

Psalm 62

I am at rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I will never be shaken.

How long will you threaten a man?   Will all of you attack as if he were a leaning wall or a tottering stone fence? They only plan to bring him down from his high position. They take pleasure in lying; they bless with their mouths, but they curse inwardly.

Rest in God alone, my soul, for my hope comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I will not be shaken.

My salvation and glory depend on God, my strong rock. My refuge is in God.

Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts before Him. God is our refuge.

Men are only a vapor; exalted men, an illusion. Weighed in the scales, they go up;  together they are less than a vapor. Place no trust in oppression, or false hope in robbery.  If wealth increases, pay no attention to it.

God has spoken once;  I have heard this twice: strength belongs to God, and faithful love belongs to You, Lord.   For You repay each according to his works.

Psalm 63:6-8    I meditate on You during the night watches because You are my helper;  I will rejoice in the shadow of Your wings.   I follow close to You;  Your right hand holds on to me.

Psalm 64:9-10    Then everyone will fear and will tell about God’s work, for they will understand what He has done.  The righteous one rejoices in the Lord and takes refuge in Him; all those who are upright in heart will offer praise.

Psalm 66:8-9    Praise our God, you peoples;  let the sound of His praise be heard. He keeps us alive and does not allow our feet to slip.

Psalm 66:10-20    For You, God, tested us; You refined us as silver is refined.

You lured us into a trap; You placed burdens on our backs. You let men ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but You brought us out to abundance.

I will enter Your house with burnt offerings;  I will pay You my vows that my lips promised and my mouth spoke during my distress. I will offer You fattened sheep as burnt offerings, with the fragrant smoke of rams;  I will sacrifice oxen with goats.

Come and listen, all who fear God, and I will tell what He has done for me. I cried out to Him with my mouth, and praise was on my tongue.

If I had been aware of malice in my heart, the Lord would not have listened. However, God has listened; He has paid attention to the sound of my prayer.

May God be praised! He has not turned away my prayer or turned His faithful love from me.

Psalm 67    May God be gracious to us and bless us;  look on us with favor so that Your way may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations.

Let the peoples praise You, God; let all the peoples praise You. Let the nations rejoice and shout for joy, for You judge the peoples with fairness and lead the nations on earth.

Let the peoples praise You, God, let all the peoples praise You.

The earth has produced its harvest; God, our God, blesses us.   God will bless us, and all the ends of the earth will fear Him.

Psalm 68:3-6    But the righteous are glad; they rejoice before God and celebrate with joy.   Sing to God!   Sing praises to His name.   Exalt Him who rides on the clouds — His name is Yahweh—and rejoice before Him.

God in His holy dwelling is a father of the fatherless and a champion of widows. God provides homes for those who are deserted. He leads out the prisoners to prosperity, but the rebellious live in a scorched land.

Psalm 68:9-10    You, God, showered abundant rain; You revived Your inheritance when it languished. Your people settled in it; God, You provided for the poor by Your goodness.

Psalm 68:19-20    May the Lord be praised!  Day after day He bears our burdens; God is our salvation.   Our God is a God of salvation, and escape from death belongs to the Lord God.

Psalm 68:26-35    
Praise God in the assemblies; praise the Lord from the fountain of Israel. There is Benjamin, the youngest, leading them, the rulers of Judah in their assembly, the rulers of Zebulun, the rulers of Naphtali.

Your God has decreed your strength. Show Your strength, God, You who have acted on our behalf. Because of Your temple at Jerusalem, kings will bring tribute to You.

Rebuke the beast in the reeds, the herd of bulls with the calves of the peoples. Trample underfoot those with bars of silver. Scatter the peoples who take pleasure in war.

Ambassadors will come from Egypt; Cush will stretch out its hands to God.   Sing to God, you kingdoms of the earth; sing praise to the Lord, to Him who rides in the ancient, highest heavens. Look, He thunders with His powerful voice!

Ascribe power to God.   His majesty is over Israel, His power among the clouds.   God, You are awe-inspiring in Your sanctuaries. The God of Israel gives power and strength to His people.   May God be praised!

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