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Take Control of Your Thoughts

Thoughts Have Power

Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

Thoughts have power. What a person entertains in his mind can change his life for the better or for the worse. What we think does matter. Positive thoughts encourage and strengthen us to succeed while negative thoughts bring about negative outcomes including anxiety, depression, and failure to grow in Christ.

Nehemiah 4:6    So we built the wall, and the entire wall was joined together up to half its height, for the people had a mind to work.

Psalm 16:8   I keep the Lord in mind always. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

Psalm 24:3-5    Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord? Who may stand in His holy place? The one who has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not set his mind on what is false, and who has not sworn deceitfully. He will receive blessing from the Lord, and righteousness from the God of his salvation.

Proverbs 11:20     Those with twisted minds are detestable to the Lord, but those with blameless conduct are His delight.

Proverbs 12:8     A man is praised for his insight, but a twisted mind is despised.

Proverbs 14:30     A calm and undisturbed mind and heart are the life and health of the body, but envy, jealousy, and wrath are like rottenness of the bones.

Proverbs 15:28     The mind of the righteous person thinks before answering, but the mouth of the wicked blurts out evil things.

Proverbs 16:23     The mind of the wise instructs his mouth, and adds learning and persuasiveness to his lips.

Proverbs 17:20    One with a twisted mind will not succeed, and one with deceitful speech will fall into ruin.

Proverbs 17:22     A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 28:26     He who leans on, trusts in, and is confident of his own mind and heart is a [self-confident] fool, but he who walks in skillful and godly Wisdom shall be delivered.

Isaiah 26:3   You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.

Isaiah 44:20    That kind of man feeds on ashes [and finds his satisfaction in ashes]! A deluded mind has led him astray, so that he cannot release and save himself, or ask, Is not [this thing I am holding] in my right hand a lie?

Jeremiah 17:5     Thus says the Lord: Cursed [with great evil] is the strong man who trusts in and relies on frail man, making weak [human] flesh his arm, and whose mind and heart turn aside from the Lord.

Ezekiel 28:1-10
The word of the Lord came again to me, saying, Son of man, say to the prince of Tyre, Thus says the Lord God:

Because your heart is lifted up and you have said and thought, I am a god, I sit in the seat of the gods, in the heart of the seas; yet you are only man [weak, feeble, made of earth] and not God, though you imagine yourself to be almost more than mortal with your mind as the mind of God; Indeed, you are [imagining yourself] wiser than Daniel; there is no secret [you think] that is hidden from you; With your own wisdom and with your own understanding you have gotten you riches and power and have brought gold and silver into your treasuries; By your great wisdom and by your traffic you have increased your riches and power, and your heart is proud and lifted up because of your wealth;

Therefore thus says the Lord God:

Because you have imagined your mind as the mind of God [having thoughts and purposes suitable only to God Himself], Behold therefore, I am bringing strangers upon you, the most terrible of the nations, and they shall draw their swords against the beauty of your wisdom [O Tyre], and they shall defile your splendor.  They shall bring you down to the pit [of destruction] and you shall die the [many] deaths of all the Tyrians that are slain in the heart of the seas.  Will you still say, I am a god, before him who slays you? But you are only a man [made of earth] and no god in the hand of him who wounds and profanes you.  You shall die the death of the uncircumcised by the hand of strangers, for I have spoken it, says the Lord God.

Habakkuk 1:11   Then his mind changes, and he transgresses; He commits offense, Ascribing this power to his god.

Matthew 26:37   And taking with Him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, He began to show grief and distress of mind and was deeply depressed.

Acts 17:11     Now these [Jews] were better disposed and more noble than those in Thessalonica, for they were entirely ready and accepted and welcomed the message [concerning the attainment through Christ of eternal salvation in the kingdom of God] with inclination of mind and eagerness, searching and examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.

1 John 5:2     By this we come to know (recognize and understand) that we love the children of God: when we love God and obey His commands (orders, charges)—[when we keep His ordinances and are mindful of His precepts and His teaching].

1 John 5:20     And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us an understanding, that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life.

Take Control of Your Thoughts

Developing a personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit allows you to grow in the faith that God loves you, God is for you, and God has a good plan for you. Once you embrace these three things as fact for you specifically you will find it easier to be led by the Spirit and harder to be distracted by outside forces vying for space in your mind.

Make Up Your MindBELIEVE in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and Messiah, and The Holy Spirit as Truth, Guide, and Comforter.  TRUST WHAT YOU BELIEVE without doubting or wavering.

Believing God, taking Him at His word, and Trusting Him no matter what is a conscious decision that only you can make for yourself.

2 Kings 23:3     Next, the king stood by the pillar and made a covenant in the presence of the Lord to follow the Lord and to keep His commands, His decrees, and His statutes with all his mind and with all his heart, and to carry out the words of this covenant that were written in this book; all the people agreed to the covenant.

Hebrews 11:8     [Urged on] by faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed and went forth to a place which he was destined to receive as an inheritance; and he went, although he did not know or trouble his mind about where he was to go.

Set Your Mind and Keep It SetSET YOUR MIND AND KEEP IT SET growing your faith in what you believe and what you trust so that deep roots take hold, dig in, and hold you firmly.

Colossians 3:2     And set your minds and keep them set on what is above (the higher things), not on the things that are on the earth.

Hebrews 12:3     Just think of Him Who endured from sinners such grievous opposition and bitter hostility against Himself [reckon up and consider it all in comparison with your trials], so that you may not grow weary or exhausted, losing heart and relaxing and fainting in your minds.

1 Peter 1:13     So brace up your minds; be sober (circumspect, morally alert); set your hope wholly and unchangeably on the grace (divine favor) that is coming to you when Jesus Christ (the Messiah) is revealed.

Renew Your Mind Every DayRENEW YOUR MIND EVERY DAY through prayer and the study of God’s word to help you grow and stay fresh in the faith of what you believe.

James 3:18     And the harvest of righteousness (of conformity to God’s will in thought and deed) is [the fruit of the seed] sown in peace by those who work for and make peace [in themselves and in others, that peace which means concord, agreement, and harmony between individuals, with undisturbedness, in a peaceful mind free from fears and agitating passions and moral conflicts].

Revelation 3:3     So call to mind the lessons you received and heard; continually lay them to heart and obey them, and repent. In case you will not rouse yourselves and keep awake and watch, I will come upon you like a thief, and you will not know or suspect at what hour I will come.

Stop Overthinking

OVERTHINKINGHumans have vivid imaginations and seemingly unlimited ability to make a mountain out of a mole hill if left to their own devices. When we let our thoughts wander without reining them in we willingly open a door for Satan to come in and help us create scenarios where God is not in charge.

Psalm 13:2     How long will I store up anxious concerns within me, agony in my mind every day? How long will my enemy dominate me?

Proverbs 15:14     The mind of him who has understanding seeks knowledge and inquires after and craves it, but the mouth of the [self-confident] fool feeds on folly.

Proverbs 15:15     All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances].

Proverbs 15:24     The path of the wise leads upward to life, that he may avoid [the gloom] in the depths of Sheol (Hades, the place of the dead).

Proverbs 15:26     The thoughts of the wicked are shamefully vile and exceedingly offensive to the Lord, but the words of the pure are pleasing words to Him.

Proverbs 15:28     The mind of the [uncompromisingly] righteous studies how to answer, but the mouth of the wicked pours out evil things.

Consider Your Thoughts
Take Control of Your Thoughts
What Was I Thinking?
Consider the Source
Renew Your Mind Daily
Think On These Things

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